B&C International

B&C International thrives on creativity and entrepreneurship. The focus is on interiors, specifically on window and wall decoration.

B&C operates in the retail, project and DIY sectors in Europe. The various companies are based in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Poland, France, Spain and Italy.


B&C was founded in 1971. It was in that year when the wholesale of wooden roller blind poles began from a small DIY store in Amsterdam. This would form the basis of a leading window decoration firm. The company moved from Amsterdam to Elspeet, and then to Nunspeet to accommodate the strong growth experienced. International expansion soon followed: France, Belgium, Germany and in 1992, assembly commenced in Poland. Nowadays the B&C Group counts 825 employees across over 10 countries with a turnover of more than € 100 million.

Pride and ambition characterizes our people.

Michiel Verdonk, CEO


Customer focus and creativity are the key components of the firm’s DNA. As the range expanded, so did the firm. B&C was pushing back frontiers and so the foundations were laid for B&C International the holding company, with its various subsidiaries.


Sustainability characterizes us. We strive to decrease our carbon footprint. At all subsidiaries we conduct a sustainable purchasing policy, we manufacture our window decoration mainly in Europe and recycle window decoration according the highest feasible method. Additionally, we cooperate with our transport company NE Distriservice, a leader in sustainable transportation.


It is of importance that window decoration has high quality and is green. Our collection roller blinds contains fabrics made from recycled materials (PET bottles, cotton, aluminium). Besides that, our window decoration contributes to energy savings: fabrics with a metalized or white backing reflect sunlight and the honeycomb structure of pleated shades has an insulating property.



B&C International feels it is important to take due responsibility with respect to society. For many years, we have supported various charities in the region. B&C has been a partner to the Mago Care foundation since 2012.


Mago is a village with 6,000 inhabitants located in the Sabatia district of western Kenya. The Mago Care foundation’s aim is to offer inhabitants of this small Kenyan village a better future. Key priorities are to provide education and medical care and to provide meals for schoolchildren.